Dinner & Awards Banquet

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Dress Code
The Dress Code for the Dinner & Awards Banquet is jacket and tie.  Shower/change facilities are usually provided by the course, so it is expected the everyone arrive at the Banquet in proper attire.

There is usually an hour or so between the end of the round and when golfers are called to their tables.  As dinner nears, people often stake out a table they would like to sit at, which may be with family members, members of your foursome or other friends you have made through the day.  There is no formal seating arrangement, with the exception of a Fathers' section, where Fathers sit together (not assigned) at the front of the banquet room.

Dinner Format
The Host Family works with the facility (usually the host course) to determine the menu and style of dinner (i.e. buffet or table service).  The Host Family usually appoints an emcee for the Banquet, who informs all diners of the timing and coordination of events and works through the evening to address the formalities.

Serving Order
It is customary that Fathers are served first (or called to the buffet line first), after which the sons tables will served in whatever order is determined and announced by the emcee.

Family Introductions
At some point during the meal, the emcee will call upon a member of the family to line up at the podium and introduce their family in turn.  While there is no time limit, keepings things to 30-60 seconds is generally appreciated.  A brief introduction is all that is required, and it is appropriate to indicate each family member by name (and location) and mention how many years your family has participated in the event.  New Families receive the loudest applause!

What family member is responsible for introductions (i.e. Oldest Son or Middle Son) is announced during the Father's meeting at the start of the day, so you'll have plenty of time to think of what you'd like to say.  The order of responsibility is generally rotated each year through each of the four family members.

It's possible that a family member has to leave before the Banquet (or introductions).  If it is the person responsible for the introductions, another family member should stand in their place and do the introductions instead.

Throughout the evening, as determined by the Host Family, awards and random draw prizes (if available) will be announced.  There are traditional awards, such as Low Gross, Low Net, Closest to the Lauers and Closest to the Coyles.  Additionally, there may be other awards depending on the tournament format for such things as Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin, etc.

As awards are announced, the winning family (or individual) makes their way to the front to be presented their trophy or prize, at which time a picture is usually taken as well.

The Banquet traditionally ends with a formal thank you from the Host Family and recognition of the host course and staff.  After which, the Host Family is introduced for the following year's event.  It is customary for a member of that family to briefly address the golfers and announce the course that will be played, as well as extend a formal invitation for all present families to return.