Trophies & Accoutrements

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Trophy - Low Gross.jpg (23604 bytes) Low Gross
The "winning" family is determined by the lowest combined score (Low Gross) of all four golfers. Along with bragging rights, the family is presented with a trophy, donated by N.A. Timmins in 1935, that they keep until the following year�s event.

Trophy - Low Net.jpg (29638 bytes) Low Net
The John I. Ranking Trophy was donated in 1947 at Boischatel in Quebec.  This is awarded to the family with the lowest combined net score.  The method of determining the score is set forth by Host Family and Host Club Professional.  Most often the Calloway (or a modified Calloway) system is used.  If the Low Net family also wins the Low Gross award, the family with the next lowest net score will be awarded the Low Net trophy.

Trophy - Closest to the Lauers.jpg (30191 bytes) Closest to the Lauers
Over the years a tradition developed to recognize, in a good spirited way, the family with the highest (worst) gross score.  From 1984 to 1988, the Lauer family (Dick, Ralph, Geof and Tim) achieved this feat exclusively.

In 1989, they came up with a way to avoid the dubious honour by donating their namesake trophy.  The rule is that it be awarded to the family with the highest gross score - unless that family is the Lauers, in which case it is awarded the family with the second highest score.

Underscoring the spirit of the tournament, which emphasizes fun and friendship over all else, this trophy has been presented ever since.  While not exactly coveted, it is the one that seems to draw the loudest cheers and applause from the group. 

Trophy - Closest to the Coyles.jpg (29914 bytes) Closest to the Coyles
In recognition of the tradition that the Father and Three Sons Golf Classic has become for many families, the Gord Coyle family donated this trophy in 2011 after Gord passed away. The original intent was to award it to the family with the longest consecutive participation streak.  Realizing the same family would appear (hopefully) repeatedly, the format was changed in 2012 to recognize a different long-standing family each year.

Trophy - Host Family.jpg (39821 bytes) Host Family Trophy
Donated by the Luciani family in 1998 at Nottawasaga Resort in Alliston, Ontario, this trophy is presented by the current hosting family to the family hosting the Father and Three Sons Golf Classic the following year.

General - F3S Flag.jpg (43001 bytes) Ceremonial Flags
In 2001, at Craigowan Golf Club in Woodstock, Ontario, the Slimmon family donated the Father and Three Sons Golf Classic flag. This flag is to be flown, below the Canada flag, on the main flag pole of the hosting golf course.

General - Flags.jpg (22059 bytes) In 2004, at Caledon Golf and Country Club in Caledon, Ontario, the Sketchley family donated Father and Three Sons logoed pin flags to be placed on every hole pin.  At the end of the day, both the main flag and the pin flags are presented to the family hosting the event the following year.

General - Tee Blocks.jpg (49448 bytes) Tee Blocks
In 2009, at Rebel Creek Golf Course in Petersburg, Ontario, Matt Williams (co-hosting family) donated 50 stainless steel tee blocks laser-cut with the Father and Three Sons logo.